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Create / Edit  Export

B-Create / Edit Export

 To export your data, create a new export with specific criteria. Click the "New Export" button to get started.

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Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Proceed with configuring the export by following these steps:

  • Choose the data type/s

                  Available types include:  Products, Collections, Inventory item

  • Include one or more filters, if necessary, within the 'Filters' subsection 

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In the "Schedule" section, select the desired recurring period and starting time from the available options.

Weekly Option: Generate exports every week on the specified day.

Monthly Option: Pick between "Start of the Month" or "End of the Month," representing the first or last day of the month respectively.

Daily Option: Generate exports every day.

Additionally, there's customization available to tailor the schedule according to your preferences for added convenience.


Export File Settings

Export File Settings

In the "Export File" section, specify the export name and select between CSV or Excel formats for downloading your data.

You also have the option to specify a custom file prefix.

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E-mail Notifications

E-mail Notifications

Activate email notifications for data export by entering your preferred email address and clicking the submit button. To include more email addresses, separate them with commas.

Manage Export

Manage Export

Run Export

Run Export

In addition to scheduling a export you can also generate exoprt by clicking on the "Run" button 


❗️The time taken for data generation varies with the data volume chosen for export. While most data exports conclude within a minute, larger datasets might require extended duration.

Downlod Export

Download Export

After completing the export process, click on the "Download" button to retrieve the latest export.

Delete Export

Delete Export

If you want to "Delete" a export, click "Delete"  next to specific exports.

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FTP settings

FTP Settings

All your exports details will be securely stored on an FTP host with the associated  credentials  for your convenience and future reference.

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