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Import New File - Orders

  • To import your orders, initiate the process by creating a new import Click on the "Add File" button to begin

  • To ensure your file is in a supported format 'CSV' download the sample file for error-free processing

2 process.png
  • Click the "Process Import" button to upload the file

  • A pop-up notification will appear to indicate "successful completion" of the processing


Download Import File

Untitled design (6).jpg
  • For more detailed information refer to the above section, which includes the last modified date, a comprehensive output response, and the option to download.

Error Notification

error notification
  • In case of errors, our system will notify you instantly

  • Review the error notifications to identify and resolve any issues with your order data

Error notification (1).jpg

Tips for a Smooth Process

tips for smooth process
  • Check the file format to ensure compatibility.

  • Keep an eye on error notifications for quick issue resolution.

  • For large files, a stable internet connection is recommended.

You've successfully uploaded your orders and are ready to manage them seamlessly. If you have any further questions, refer to our FAQs section or contact our support team -

See How It Works!

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