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Error Dictionary

These errors occur when the file cannot be parsed due to issues with the header row.  

No orders in the file will be processed when this error is encountered.
These errors will be reported in the HTTP response 
502 Bad Gateway 
{ "error": Message }

Message: Unable to parse the requested file: CSV contains unknown header fields: <comma delimited list of fields>
Condition: This occurs when the ftp placement file includes column names in the 1st row of the file that are not in the list of allowed fields

   Allowed fields - expected type: 
        mp_order_number - string
        customer_order_number - string
        replaced_mp_order_number - string
        marketplace_name - string
        marketplace_channel - string
        customer_email - string
        customer_full_name - string
        customer_phone - string
        customer_vat - string
        purchase_date - string ISO 8601
        currency - string ISO 4217
        gift_message - string 
        delivery_notes - string 
        estimated_ship_date - string ISO 8601
        estimated_delivery_date - string ISO 8601
        shipping_full_name - string
        shipping_address_type - string
        shipping_address1 - string
        shipping_address2 - string
        shipping_address3 - string
        shipping_city - string
        shipping_state - string ISO 3166-2:US & ISO 3166-2:CA
        shipping_postal_code - string
        shipping_country_code - string ISO 3166 alpha-2 or alpha-3
        shipping_phone - string
        paypal_transaction_ids - string
        is_amazon_prime - value is either 1 or ""
        is_target_two_day - value is either 1 or ""
        business_order - value value is either 1 or ""
        marketplace_fulfilled - value is either 1 or ""
        mp_line_number - string
        sku - string
        product_name - string 
        quantity - integer
        unit_price - number
        sales_tax - number
        shipping_method - string
        shipping_price - number
        shipping_tax - number
        discount_name - string (Shopify has a hard limit of 255 characters for this field, value will be truncated if length is exceeded)
        discount - number
        shipping_discount_name - string 
        shipping_discount - number 
        amount_available_for_refund - number 

        Note: If a field is not a required field, "" is an allowed value.


Message:  Unable to parse the requested file: CSV missing required header fields: <comma delimited list of fields>
Condition: This occurs when one or more required fields are missing in the column header row (1st row of the ftp order placement file).
The following fields are required to always be in the header row:

These errors can appear in the results file generated by the ftp_place_orders endpoint

Message: "Line <line_number>: Field <required_field> cannot be empty."
Condition: The following fields must have a value (the value cannot be "")

Message: Line <line_number>: Column count mismatch
Condition: This occurs when the number of columns found for an order's order line does not match the number of columns defined in the header row 

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